Materiały całoceramiczne

Increasingly, the spotlight continues to be focused on all-ceramic restorations. The challenge lies in offering the best possible solution that meets the requirements of the individual clinical situation and the esthetic expectations.

The tried-and-tested IPS Empress leucite glass-ceramic provided key impetus to esthetic dentistry in the nineties and it has never lost its importance. Now the innovative IPS e.max all-ceramic system incorporates several new types of materials: lithium disilicate, fluorapatite and zirconium oxide glass-ceramics. The lithium disilicate ceramics are suited for both the press technique and CAD/CAM applications. They are available in several degrees of translucency, providing a maximum level of esthetics – but not only that: Given their high strength (500 MPa*), the IPS e.max lithium disilicate ceramics can be used for a broad range of indications.

* mean biaxial flexural strength over 10 years (IPS e.max CAD 530 MPa, IPS e.max Press 470 MPa). Source: R&D Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Schaan, Liechtenstein

IPS e.max System dla techników

Highly esthetic lithium disilicate glass-ceramics and high strength zirconium oxide ceramics

IPS e.max System dla Lekarzy

Pełnoceramiczny system do wszystkich wskazań

IPS Empress System dla Lekarzy

Leucytowa ceramika szklana do estetycznej odbudowy pełnoceramicznej

IPS Ivocolor

Uniwersalne farby i glazury

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